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Check out the rare remixes submitted by H2F fans! It’s now time for us to create a poll to see which remix is the hardest to find. There will be seven propositions in total, and the winner will be awarded a copy of the new H2F album. The second and third best propositions will get posters (50.8cm x 76.2cm) so get voting now!

UPDATE : the poll is closed. Thanks everybody for voting!


Stereo MC’s – Connected (Future Sound of London remix) [posted by Stewart Nolan] (Embedding disabled)


Lambchop – Up with people (remixed by Zero 7) [posted by Leon Moore]

Technotronic – Get Up (Def Mix) [posted by Tim Binns]

First choice – Let no man put asunder (Ron Hardy re-edit) [posted by Jake Sheppard]

Drive – Curfew [posted by Eva Altergott]

The Cure – The Walk (Everything Mix) [posted by Chris Roohan]

New Order True Faith (Tall Paul Remix)[posted by Nathan Davis]



11 Responses to “Mini Facebook contest poll”

  1. For me the best is: New Order True Faith (Tall Paul Remix)[posted by Nathan Davis]

  2. Nathan says:

    Thanks Diego. It’s certainly the rarest and one of the short list is a cover version and not a remix!

  3. Hilgard says:

    Stereo MC’s – Connected (Future Sound of London remix) would be most rare

  4. Matt says:

    @Hilgard – I agree! Stereo MC’s track is the one!

  5. samuel says:

    @Nathan Why is it rare? That track is on a big CREAM compilation????

  6. Nathan says:

    OMG…. lol. Its on a cream compilation because Tall paul mixed it. He obviously has one of the only 15 copies in existence. Connected came out as a promo which means it was mailed to quite a few people. the Das escreemer mix of new order never made it past the test press stage.

  7. Nathan says:

    Also. This isn’t a which tune do you most prefer poll. Its which is the rarest. My favourite musically would probably be lambchop followed by stereo mc’s

  8. Auslander says:

    That Tall Paul mix of True Faith is on the Brotherhood reissue bonus disc, is it not?

  9. Nathan says:

    Actually it isn’t. Its a misprint. I know because I have it and bought it hoping it was the right version. The version on that bonus disc is the one that has a couple of vocal snippets. I am after the one with no vocals at all and that is only on 15 copies of vinyl :( If you are after an electronic copy of the FSOL remix though thats freely available and I can post you a link if you like :)

  10. Auslander says:

    Ahh, I guess there are two versions then? I was just going by what it says on discogs for the 2008 reissue assuming the Dub was the same one:

    I’ve got the Stereo MC’s one on vinyl ;)

  11. Nathan says:

    congrats to the others. Not sure why we had a poll to decide what was rarest. Its not as if its debatable. The next poll should be something that isn’t cast in stone and can be debated

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