Where do you find your music?

People track music down in all kinds of different ways. Nowadays, there are endless options for locating those less well-known tracks which lurk beneath the surface of mainstream music. The internet is often the primary source for buying music, with an array of music distributors and novel ways to get hold of tracks, but not everyone likes to go digital; a number of people still prefer to buy music on CDs from their local music store, rather than downloading it online, most probably because they enjoy having something to hold. However, the art of digging can certainly be applied in the world of digital downloads through a variety of websites. Major download sites include Beatport, eMusic, Juno Download and Trackitdown.net, all which provide music lovers with rare gems as well as more popular tracks. These are just a few of the ways in which people track down the music they love. We’d like to ask you, what is your personal favourite way of finding music?



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2 Responses to “Where do you find your music?”

  1. david little says:

    we can find vinyl anywhere just got to be prepared to look. after about 25 years you build up great sources .

  2. samuel says:

    vinyls are really cheap in the US. Be ready to spend some cash if you travel there!

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